Balancing Core Beliefs

001 - SliderAn unbalanced belief is one that you hold (about yourself) that is essentially "Deep down inside I am not good enough because I…", "I can't because I…" or "I will be rejected because I …" 

There are eleven or more groups of "because" endings, with dozens of beliefs in each group. None of them are accurate.

Discover how a simple process – Core Belief naming and balancing – can help you avoid self-defeating and automatic over-reactions when a Core Belief has been triggered. Learn how to resolve the issues that Core Beliefs bring into your life. Here is the link to your Free book or alternatively my core belief website.


Emotional Age Awareness

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Flying Awareness offers a new approach to self-understanding and self-empowerment, looking at your life as you move daily in and out of all your different emotional ages

Readers around the world are saying how amazingly easy this is, and yet how powerful.  

"For the first time in my life I can see clearly where I have been getting it wrong, mixing up my emotional ages."

Overcome blockages inside that hold you back, increase self-esteem and self confidence, find more love, freedom, success and real joy using a simple skill, Emotional Age Awareness.

Here is the link to your Free book or alternatively my emotional age website.


Loving Your Inner Child

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There is a part of us that never grows up, never needs to … and never goes away, a wonderful part of you inside your heart that has never grown up. That part is your Inner Child. Your Inner child is very real, alive, clever, tough and persistent but every inner child can also work magic if we allow them to.

Working with your Inner child will help you recognise, embrace, talk with, love and above all – learn to protect your inner child. Here is the link to your Free book or alternatively my love your inner child website.


Embracing Our Inner Selves

sliderAnyone who has made even a brief connection with their inner selves (inner voices) knows how positive and easy it is to use the technique called ‘voice dialogue’. It is so natural in fact, that most people find themselves talking with some of their more accessible inner selves within minutes of starting a session.

Voice dialogue  is a way of having a natural conversation with the inner voices or selves inside you who are trying to help you get through your day and to protect you from all sorts of things around you. Here is the link to your Free book or alternatively my voice dialogue  website.


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